Monday, December 12, 2016

My Music Monday

The theme is 'live' music.

Some songs just work better live than they do in the studio. The studio can be about perfection, when a live performance isn't. Nor should it be.

There's a great show currently on PBS called SoundBreaking which has just been amazing. But in one episode they discussed the Beatles became one of the first (if not the first) groups to record music that could not be played live.

But some music that can be played live, just comes to life (no pun intended) when in a concert setting. The shackles come off and they go for it.

Oddly enough, Paul McCartney & Wings were soooo much better live than on record. Wings Over America was just a phenomenal 3-record set (back in 1976). That all the performances weren't so spot on was one of its appeals.

Even odder (maybe?) some of the strongest performances on that disk did not come from McCartney himself, but by Denny Laine (formerly of Moody Blues).

This video representation of his "Time to Hide" is good. Maybe not as good as the record, but I'm finding after a while my links to the music player I put up here disappear, which is as annoying as fuck.

I do like how everyone - down to Linda - has a mullet or mullet-like hair don't. Still Laine' isn't really bad looking. But I do like his performance.

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