Saturday, December 10, 2016


Another week - and more Shep pics.  Simple as that.

Shep meeting Esmé  for the first time. 
Petey loved Esmé . Shep is very intrigued by her. And vice versa. 

At the middle school football / track field. We were trying out off leash training. ....but with a 50' lead. 

Injured Blobby, but cuddling with Shep in bed. 

At the dog park - playing with Eleanore (the Ridgeback) and Nitro. 

...and with Eleanore and her brother, Oliver. 

Song by: Dwight Yoakam


anne marie in philly said...

shep is still a puppy, correct? I forget how old he is.

you two look quite comfy in bed.

wcs said...

Shep's a handsome fellow.

Raybeard said...

He's relishing his 'social' contacts, and it's good to see that he's getting his opportunities to explore them.

Fearsome Beard said...

I needed doggie pics this morning. They will help me get back into my routine. Positive reinforcement so to speak.

Ur-spo said...

such a happy dog!

Mark in DE said...

Shep is a lucky boy!