Saturday, July 18, 2015


Just another Saturday - trying to find cute pics of the animules.

Bored with it all.  I hear ya!

I didn't dare make a noise. Last thing I wanted him to do was look up too fast and bang his head. 

The Queen. 

710 calls Sophie a princess, but make no mistake about it - her position is loftier than that title. 

Taking a walk in the driving range behind my mother's house. 

Best pic of the week - Sophie woke up and went over to groom Petey. I'm not sure why - and going by the look on his face, neither is he. 

Song by:  Foo Fighters


anne marie in philly said...

I agree - sophie IS the queen AND she loves her brother enough to groom him.

Raybeard said...

It's never dull with P & S. Even when sleeping or doing nothing at all they somehow always seem to make our own lives more interesting.

Bob said...

Sophie is looking very royal.

Mark in DE said...

Love, love, love that last pic of Sophie grooming Petey!