Saturday, July 04, 2015

Fourth of July

I am postponing Petey Porn Day by a day.

One could could do this under the guise that it is 4th of July and I'm just here to wish you all a pleasant holiday.

Yeahhhhhh.......that's it.

In actuality, I have a few pics of Petey and Sophie from this week, but this morning is our July 4th Neighborhood Parade  / Doggie Meet-Up.  (no cats allowed!!!!)

Ok - the last half of that slashy is a coincidence, but it is the reason we go - only because we don't drink Bloody Mary's. I certainly do not attend to hear someone read the Declaration of Independence. But there is mucho opportunity to get pictures of Petey with his dog friends.

Of course, this is all predicated on the assumption that Petey will even feel like doing the Doggie Meet Up. I'm not really sure he's up for the parade, but we will see.

He had a good first half of the week and has struggled a bit these last two or so days. He can probably do the meet-up, but not sure he can make the 1.2 mile route. Poor guy.

I won't say I'm "proud" to be an American. But at least I know I'm free.

Ha.  See what I did there?

Still for the last two weeks, I've felt better about where we are poised as a nation. And that is no thanks to Donald Trump. Actually, we just saw a preview for Batkid Begins and Obama is in it for about 10 seconds. I turned to 710 and go, "he is just like the best President ever"

So until tomorrow - I'm just here to wish you all a pleasant holiday. Have fun, food, frolic and fireworks.

Song by: Fall Out Boy


anne marie in philly said...

hope petey is able to withstand today's activities! happy 4th to all at your house!

Bob said...

We're readying to head out to the Round-The-Way-Gays for a pool party, picnic, Happy 4th, day of relaxation, where's my wine, kind of day!

Happy 4th!