Saturday, July 11, 2015

Let Him Fly

Saturday.  Porn day - feline and canine porn, that is.

Petey is overall better, but I do believe we are at the new normal. One day enough energy to walk a big route (1.2 miles). Other days it might be a quarter of that.

But his appetite is good (too good - as he's been getting into Sophie's fud), and he drinks plenty and takes his meds. But he's 13+. The energy levels post-pneumonia just aren't going to be there.


You've seen similar shots. You'll see them again. They're both always together, always scamming for something.

Chillaxin' on his patio

The ever-present tongue

Some days he barely makes it up the steps - other days he just flies. I can't figure out the pattern. 

Someone's in 'play' mode

Song by: the Dixie Chicks


wcs said...

He's a handsome fella!

Raybeard said...

Lovely pair. He with mascara eyes while her eyes don't miss a trick.

anne marie in philly said...

the chillaxin' photo - look at that happy smile!

Bob said...

Love the playful mode.
That screams "Dog"!

David G said...

You guys are good daddies. It's sweet to see.

Mark in DE said...

Lovely family members!

Actually, at 13+ years old I'm surprised Petey can walk a mile. That's pretty amazing. The great thing is that the walks don't need to be that long as he ages. I'm sure he's like our dogs who always love a walk regardless of the distance.