Monday, July 13, 2015

My Music Monday

I am continuing with Erik's "drinking" theme for my My Music Monday and his Hi-Fi Friday.

I realized I only had four Mondays to his five Fridays. And one of my Mondays (today) also has 12 of 12. Normally, 12 of 12 would be the only post of the day (btw....keep scrolling down after this post or click here for the 12 of 12), but so I don't flounder with only three audio entries, you get a double post today.

Yay you.  ?

Sinéad O'Connor's first two albums are pure classics. While her second, I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got, is her best-selling disk (thanks mostly to "Nothing Compares 2 U"), Lion & the Cobra, her debut, is still my favourite.

She's had good stuff since too, but not as consistent. And that whole Pope picture / SNL thing kind of tossed her off the tracks - though I think that was on purpose. I suppose she didn't like being that famous and derailed herself.

And while Lion & the Cobra had some popular tracks (well, at least in the circle with which I ran), I think my favourite song on that album is one of the lesser known: "Drink Before the War".

Like a number of songs on the album ("Troy", "Jackie", "Just Like You Said it Would B"), the song starts out extremely soft - enough so, that you might not know it is actually playing. But like the other songs, it builds until O'Connor is full voice. It's an effective tool.

It's a song about drinking, so it fits the bill. But I think it's a good song, regardless of the 'theme'.

Sinéad O'Connor

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Erik Rubright said...

Good song choice!

I'm so far behind on reading... but I'm working on it.