Saturday, June 27, 2015

Up and Down

Week 3 - plus two days. That's how long we are into Petey's Pneumonia 2015 recovery.

Mostly it is progressing well. Walks are still painfully slow. I mean, if he sees other people or other dogs, mind you, he HAS the energy. If it's just 710 or myself - it is sniffing every single thing. Normally our long walks used to take 40 minutes. Now that is the short route. A medium route took me 70 minutes.

But once we are home and treats are to be had, he has all the energy he'd ever need.  I don't get it.

And Wednesday and Thursday nights, I ended up sleeping on the sofa with him - as he seemed to be struggling a little. This was after many days of forward progress.

He still has life in him - don't get me wrong. I can't grasp what sets him off on energy - and lack of.

Still, he's chugging along.

And for the record, yesterday was the third anniversary of us taking Petey in. Even with doggie ailments, it's been a great ride......for all of us, I dare say.

I call this: Penis, Paws and Plaque

I love when he sleeps this way though. It's so odd. 

I like that Petey looks like he's smiling when he pants. 

Just a stop on the walk to look around and observe. 

Not sure why I love this so much. Sophie isn't a 'hiding' cat. I don't think she was stalking Petey. 

Petey feeling better mid-week. He was in a very playful mood.

But like I said, I spent a few days sleeping on the sofa to make sure he was ok.
710 took a snap of sharing the same bed. 

Song by:  the Cars


anne marie in philly said...

last week, sophie's hatch was open; this week, it's petey.

petey has a good home and a good life with you.

Fearsome Beard said...

You're a good man Blobby. May Petey continue feeling better.

Bob said...

Thanks some real Petey Porn this week.

And as for sleeping with him, well, good on you! Bravo! I'm sure he felt a little better, and you did, too.

Ur-spo said...

oh but we all love Petey.