Saturday, June 20, 2015

Make You Better

Petey is slowly mending. Alas, like I've said - he might never fully be back to where he was. It's a harsh reality that 710 and I just have to learn to deal with.

His cough is there, but nothing prominent. His appetite is better, but nothing like it was. His walks are slow - and much shorter.

This might be life as we know it.

The Old Man finished his antibiotics on Thursday and he's back on his steroids, so hopefully that will help with the cough and reengaging his appetite. Then maybe that will give him strength for better walks.

I can hope.

But since no real Petey Porn last week - here's a healthy dose for you today.

Petey getting a steam. 

It's better if he's higher up, but those counter tops, steam condensation and his nails makes for one slippery surface. I have to hold him at all times. 

g-d knows, Sophie can't be left out of anything.  She's watching the steam. 

Boomer - Petey's brother - at my mom's house. 

Petey was too ill last weekend to take to my mom's and be harangued by such a high energy dog. 

Yesterday - Petey's first "long" walk. He did pretty well for most of it. 
We might be able to do one of those lengths once every few days. 

Sophie - airing out her lady parts......I assume. 

In the weeds. 

Ranking up there for Top 3 Petey Pics of the 2015. It's really all about the tongue - isn't it folks?

Song by: the Decemberists


anne marie in philly said...

:( for petey. furkids really wrap themselves around us, don't they? and yes, that TONGUE! so cute and pink...

sophie has her hatch open again (hee hee hee).

wcs said...

Sending good wishes for Pete! Hang in there, buddy!

Fearsome Beard said...

Love him in the weeds!

Bob said...

Petey loves a good steam ... and Sophie, too!

Ur-spo said...

Poor pete. it's sad to age and grow old.

Mark in DE said...

Such a handsome boy, that Petey. :-)