Monday, June 22, 2015

My Music Monday

As I did a year ago, I'm going with cover songs as my theme for the month of June I'm not sure why I'm doing this, as I vaguely remembering having to struggle for four songs last time out. And there are five Mondays in 2015, so.....there's that.

For the most part, I can take or leave a Paul Thomas Anderson movie. I was no fan of The Master, Punch-Drunk Love,  the total and utter bomb, Inherent Vice.

For the most part, I can leave a Tom Cruise movie. There is no take.

Combine the two - as in Magnolia - and I'm fine skipping any viewing whatsoever.

The one thing the movie had going for it was the soundtrack - provided entirely by Aimee Mann. Three or four of those songs came from her almost concurrent release at the time, Bachelor No. 2., or the Last Remains of the Dodo.  

And while the soundtrack and solo album have a similar feel - the Magnolia soundtrack had some incredibly good music ("Momentum", "Wise Up" and the Oscar nominated "Save Me") that I'm not sure would have entirely fit on Bachelor No. 2.

It also had one cover - Three Dog Night's "One", which was actually written (and later recorded by) Harry Nilsson.

"One" is a fairly faithful cover version. Three Dog Night had more backing vocals and electric guitar, but in terms of arrangement, Mann is fairly spot-on.

....and save for a few seconds of Ms. Cruise talking, you don't have endure watching him on screen.

Aimee Mann - One

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Bob said...

The soundtrack is by far the best thing from that movie.