Monday, June 29, 2015

My Music Monday

As I did a year ago, I'm going with cover songs as my theme for the month of June I'm not sure why I'm doing this, as I vaguely remembering having to struggle for four songs last time out. And there are five Mondays in 2015, so.....there's that.

At the beginning of this month, I told you I contemplated doing all Beatles covers, but then opted not to. But I feel I should do at least one. And I have chosen one that I would guess is not well known - as a cover or as a Beatles tune in general. 

While the song is from Meet the Beatles, it's not a Lennon / McCartney number, but George Harrison. 

But back a few years ago, the Smithereens did a song for song copy (or homage) to the album, cleverly called Meet the Smithereens. While it had a recipe for disaster, the band actually pulled it off quite well - my opinion, of course. 

The band didn't play around with the arrangements and was quite true to the original material. 

While lead singer, Pat DiNinzio, took vocals regardless if Lennon or McCartney had handled them on the original versions, with my choice, "Don't Bother Me", drummer Dennis Diken takes lead vocals - and quite well. ...though oddly he sounds more like John than George.

Like most songs of the early 60's era, few went over the three minute mark and "Don't Bother Me" is no exception, barely clocking in at two and one-half minutes. It's quick, concise and catchy. 

the Smithereens - Don't Bother Me

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