Saturday, February 08, 2014

You Lift Me Up

I'm still calling it Petey Porn Day, but today we are Sophie-centric, for the most part.

Since his arrival, Sophie just isn't getting her due in these posts - and that just won't end well for me if she figures out how to log onto this blog.


Soph is slightly miffed. After sniffing her sleeping brother's paw, he reacted and move it, smacking her a little in the face. He didn't hurt her. She didn't move. She just startled his sleeping self a little. 

While it snowed a lot, this came more from scooting under a bush and having a bunch of snow falling onto his back. He's a lazy sort - he never bothered to shake it off, like any other self-respecting dog would do. 

I don't get this usually. 

Every morning Sophie stands up and paws at 710 to be picked up. Every once in a while, I get rubbed against with not wanting my assistance at being elevated. So that she pawed at me for pick-up was a great thing. 

Song by:  the Thompson Twins


anne marie in philly said...

that first pix says it all. who's daddy's pretty girl?

cb said...

It's nice to be needed by our furry companions