Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Quiche Lorraine

I planned nothing for today's post. NOTHING.

I was thinking posting a Site of the Month, but I'll hold off, as it is so early into the month. Oh, and I have to find one.


Three years ago I made a Spinach Ricotta pie. I got a beat down by my FB "friends" saying it was  "just a quiche". Queeney Facebook motherfuckers. I just went with the name that Bo had given it.

I felt it was time to make it again, being we are on the verge of anywhere between 5-14" of snow, depending on what report you listen to. It seems like a good stuck in during a snowstorm meal.

My lord, it's not that I am looking for a weather prediction down to a fraction of an inch, but a difference of 9" could make someone very happy - or very very sad.  Am I right CB?

Yeah, I'm right.

And just for shits & giggles stuff & nonsense, I'm posting this.

I love Grandpa Fred.

Song by: the B-52's


anne marie in philly said...

I make a quiche for sunday morning breakfast once a month. it doesn't last too long around here.

Brett said...

soooooo - did we just happen to make the same thing for dinner, or did you get jealous of my hubby's cooking on Facebook :)

cb said...

I don't even wake up if it's less than 9....

Mark in DE said...

I'm impressed with all the real cooking you do. We often make quick meals that involve very little if any actual cooking.

Here's hoping you get at least 9" tonight. ;-)