Monday, February 03, 2014

My Music Monday

The song has been in my head. So, I don't see why I shouldn't torture share it with you.

I'm going with the Housemartins' "Happy Hour" from their 1986 debut: London 0 Hull 4.

Neither the single, nor album, charted in the U.S., but it both did well across the pond and elsewhere abroad.

The group only had two albums before splintering, some of the members forming a semi-successful group, the Beautiful South.

If the Housemartins are known for anything, it was the member, Norman Cook.  You might know him better as Fatboy Slim - who had hits with "Praise You" and "Weapon of Choice" - but known as much for their videos as the actual music.

But the Housemartins, on this song, are pure pop. They do some nice a capella stuff ("People Get Ready") and other genres, but this just seemed fun for a Monday morning.

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Erik Rubright said...

The one song that FirstWave seems to play continuously....