Friday, February 14, 2014


You know I'm not big on Valentine's Day. You've read all the posts for the last decade regarding this so-called holiday and the lazy-assed people who need a designated day to say "I love you".

My position remains unchanged.

...and whatever my issues with the holiday goes double when it falls on a Friday or Saturday.

Going out on VD is a non-starter. Going out on VD, during the weekend is so not gonna happen.

I gotta think of something to cook for dinner for 710. If you have any ideas get to me sooner than later. Maybe it'll be a standard dinner and perhaps I'll attempt to bake.

That would be a gift!

Since I traveled part of this week, there is no card for 710, though it's possible there one might be waiting when he gets home - but no promises.  He'll understand.

And still the best card I ever got was from Rebecca. ....which I wrote about here two years ago.

ok...that's a lie. 710 gave me a handmade card about a decade ago that is great and filed away for safe keeping.....somewhere.

Song by: Heart


Brettcajun said...

Happy Valentines Day boo! SMOOCH. Fanny Pat.

cb said...

Shouldn't it be "I Cho Cho Chose You"??