Saturday, February 01, 2014

the Sweet Escape

February already!

I know the groundhog comes tomorrow, but yesterday we made it up into the 30s - so it's "like" an early Spring. Hell, I walked Petey and didn't even zip up my coat!  33 is the new 77.  

Yet, it's Saturday, which makes it Petey Porn day. This is a break from what apparently is becoming my cooking blog, even though a week ago I promised that was not something I was going to turn this into.

You can rest easy - I have no plans to cook this weekend. I have an event tonight and dinner at my parent's house tomorrow, so it's mid-week before (or if) you see another recipe from the likes of me.

At the vet.  "How can I escape?   How can I escape???"

Waiting for Dr. Smith.  I love this profile pic of Petey.  Something about the "pores" where his whiskers come out really makes the pics. Well that and his eyes...and ears...and nose. 

Post vet exhaustion. 

More post-vet snoozing. He really does like sleeping in the chair. But he loves his bed too. 

Gotta have a Sophie shot.  

One of those Polar Vortex II days. She had to be right next to the radiator.  ...and she's really done a number on that ottoman- but it is about 16 years old. We'll have to get it recovered. 

That's it for animule pictures....until next week. 

Song by: Gwen Stefani


anne marie in philly said...

nice pix, as always!

we got to 45F yesterday, supposed to hit 55F on groundhog day. I hate that little shit, but I love the movie.

Dith said...

Huh. I hate the movie, but groundhogs are pretty cool rodents.

Mike Carlson said...

He looks absolutely gorgeous on that profile pic. I love to look at his ears.