Tuesday, February 25, 2014

App of the Month

I can't believe February is almost over.  I'm running out of time for some placeholder posts, but whatta gonna do?

I've got the doldrums anyways. We are headed back to subzero (or near) temps for at least the rest of the week and it's snowing, yet once again....at least as I draft this. On an up note: Sunday morning we heard a number of birds singing shortly after sunrise. That was nice.

Anyway - on to App of the Month: Letris 3.

Let it be known, unlike Angry Birds, I am still heavily invested in Words With Friends. Ask Morty, Rebecca, Birdie, Torn, Erik.  

Do not ask John. Like his blogging, John's WWF activity is like a Jamie Gertz / Robert Downey Jr. movie. (I'll let you mull over that for a moment.)   Though to be fair, Becky, Birdie and Richard are not winning any blogging awards as of late either - but at least they still play WWF.

I'm assuming Letris 3 was free, or I got it from a Starbucks giveaway card (still free for me!), because you all know I rarely pay for my apps.

But Letris 3 is a combo of Boggle and Tetris.  I loved the latter, but hated the former. So it is a mixed bag, at best.

Letters fall and you try to find words so the associated letters blow-up and disappear before the remaining letters build a wall up to the top.......and you lose.

The more you spell, the faster the letters fall.  You've seen this technology since Space Invaders - or an I Love Lucy sketch. It's nothing new, except that now it involves spelling. And since you are attempting to beat the clock, you are usually spelling three letter words - which is the minimum you can use (I believe).

It's a little fun. It's a lot frustrating.......at least for me.  Timed competition brings out the worst in me anyways.  (Damn you Iowa Basics!!!!!)

Honestly, I last about 5 minutes playing - I think I finally made it to level 7 - and then put it away for 3-4 weeks. I have enough frustration in my life that I don't really need to raise my blood pressure like that. It's bad enough on WWF  when on the last round of letters someone gives you a Q that you can't possibly use since everything is filled in.

The graphics are fair, at best. The instructions are not as intuitive as one might assume, and of course, the rules change slightly with the different levels.

I suppose it's worth the price, but I wouldn't be handing over my Amex to the iTunes store for it.

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Dith said...

Love Boggle. Wish you would play Scramble With Friends with me.