Friday, September 27, 2013

Recovering the Satellites

With my looking for a car (I added another car to my mix - damn!), I began thinking if I wanted to continue or if I would miss XM radio.

Most of the cars deals will give you a three month subscription for "free", but of course, I'm guessing most people continue paying.  I certainly did with my current car.

But I'm not sold on satellite radio. There are 1,241 stations, and 1,587 of them are sports. Yawn.

I can't even fill up 18 of my satellite pre-sets with anything I want to hear....and three of them are NPR. So I don't know I will continue the package.

That said, I will miss continual NPR broadcasts.  ...well that and one other show.

I know I'm gay (surprise!!!), but I find OutQNews to be a horrible station.

First off, they can't even fill 24 hours, let alone seven days per week. They certainly can't fill seven days per week, even with repeats of repeats of repeats of shows. I can't tell you how often that you get the broadcast message "there is no programming at this time....please check back later".

Really? What kind of fucked up business model is that?

It's kind of sad when Lance Bass has potentially the best show on the station. I honestly don't want to hear Derek & Romaine (sp?) talk about dildoes.  Ever!

But I did stumble upon a talk show they have, which I actually quite like:  the Focus Group.

It is on live on Saturdays, but you can catch most any other day of the week, you just can't call in with questions or comments on those repeats.

The two hosts are gay - one a bit more, um, flamboyant than the other - but are marketing execs and have worked at some big name corporations.

But their show is all over the place from financial advice - not only for gay folks, but it will skew that way, in terms of who is married and the benefits they get from x, y, z from retirement plans. But they also do what is being marketed to the LGBT community.

They're fun and funny, though John Nash (not the Beautiful Mind guy), seems to talk over the more grounded Tim Bennett. That's kind of annoying.  Still, I like it - and you know me, I like very little.

I think I can listen to their shows on-line, so maybe I won't miss a thing. It's not like I was ever going to call in personally.

I suppose we will see what my new potential car brings me.

Song by:  Counting Crows

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Jeff said...

What station number is the Focus Group?