Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It seems I have zero songs with the word 'garlic' in the title. What's that about?

After yoga on Sunday (an iffy class at best), David and I broke from our normal getting tea and sitting around rapping (not like Young MC or Tone Loc) by him suggesting we go down to the local Garlic Festival.

David had been the day before and got roped into being their unofficial official photographer. Due to that fact, he snagged me an armband to get in for free.

The event is nice, but c'mon, it's $8 to get in and you still have to buy your food and beverages.

Now, I do love garlic and David expounded on the garlic shrimp and garlic fries. It's just that after yoga (well and during and before), I wasn't feeling great, so the sound of food wasn't that appealing to me.  Not only that, but the competing smell of garlic didn't always make for great smells.

Someone cooking meat versus chicken versus shrimp, well when all of those came together, the collective smell wasn't the winning combination. Of course, it could have been that I wasn't feeling that well either.

Still, it was fun to walk around and see the vendors (slow roasted heads of garlic - taking 6 weeks(!!) to roast??), the cooking demos to the bands and art. I ended up eating nothing. But it was fun to watch David work - he's very good at what he does. I hope the folks he took pics of get to see his work with them in it.

...and better yet, he only caught me in one picture and that wasn't with his fancy-schmancy camera, but with my iPhone.

CREEPY.  ....and this time, I am talking about the "guy" on the right.   ...but what abs!

The rest of the pics are mine and mine alone.

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar ruined everything!

I liked the garlic chalk art though. 

I didn't stick around long enough to know who was crowned Ms. Garlic Cleveland. I'm not sure what her duties would be, but I'm sure it can go on a college application. 

The Garlic Fest was a great community event. Maybe next year I'll be ready to eat some of that food. 

Song by:  Sigur Rós


anne marie in philly said...

yeah, he MAY have killer abs, but HE STINKS! ;-)

Erik Rubright said...

What the heck is up with that mascot?

Harpers Keeper said...

sounds like a nice community event but the guy with the garlic head looks like the villain in a teenage slasher movie