Thursday, September 26, 2013

Everyone's a Hero

I'm not a father (nor have I ever wanted to be), but I am an awesome uncle.

I wish wish wish wish I had thought of this. Though I don't think I'm that creative, though I wish I were.

I'm glad someone thought of it. And how awesome would it be to be his kids?  Though his wife might roll her eyes quite a bit.

This was posted on Facebook by Rebecca, but clearly others have seen it, as it has almost six million views. ...and it's funny.

Song by:  Captain Hammer


BosGuy said...

I can't hear him :-(

Will said...

Every child should have what I call a magic uncle or magic aunt, someone who loves the kid to death, and to whom the kid can talk when the parents become overbearing and who knows the situation but ISN'T the parent. And if it's a magic gay uncle or aunt, it's even better!