Monday, September 02, 2013

My Music Monday

It is Labor Day.   ....but you probably already knew that whether you have the day off or not.

In keeping with the tradition of labor, why don't provide a song about work?

The Tragically Hip is the group for today - along with their song, "My Music at Work".

As Canadian band, they've been around forever - or you know, the early '80s.  But there aren't tons of bands that have lasted that long, at least that don't only come back every 5-6 years for reunion tours - or for the cash.

The Hip have been continually working the entire time and maybe have a dozen albums under their belt - the last one being 2012.  They still tour regularly, but I'm not sure how much outside of Canada they are known.

While I heard of them back in college, I didn't really hear them until basic cable brought us MuchMusic (Canada's way cooler MTV).

True, I don't own a single album from them, I do have a few individual songs, one being "My Music at Work".

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend and today's holiday.


Anonymous said...

Hah, the best part of being in Europe is that your uploader is banned from letting me watch or listen to your selection.

dithyrambs said...

All these years I thought it was Music AND Work. Totally different song.

don said...

You are referring to a Canadian band so the correct spelling would be Labour Day.