Monday, September 23, 2013

My Music Monday

Why do we like the music we like?

I could probably tell you why "Muskrat Love" or "Kokomo" grates on my every-loving last nerve easier than why I can explain why I like some of the music I like.

If you read my music posts, be it these or my Album of the Month choices - new or classic - you can probably pick up some patterns as to what I like and make assumptions as to why.

Now and again, I am very perplexed at why something tickles my fancy.  When something does that tickling, usually I end up Shazaming it so I won't forget it.  The thing is, I almost always forget to go back and look at my Shazam list after the song has been identified and stored.  It's like that back hallway closet you store stuff in until "later" and then you end up looking in it when you move and decide what to keep or throwaway.  You end up tossing it because you figure if you haven't needed it all these years, why take it.

The same thing is with the Shazam list - if I haven't gone out and listened to or purchased it after the fact, why am I hanging on to it?

Time will tell if I hang onto this week's selection. I haven't purchased a thing, but on the other hand, liked the song enough not to put it in the pack of that proverbial closet. I at least took the step to look it up on the iTunes and the YouTube to share with you.

I have never heard of Until the Ribbon Breaks before last week, or "their" song "Pressure".

I put "their" in quotes because it is my understanding that while it is a group name, it is a group of one individual. And while there is that hyperlinked site of their name, it is (as of this writing) currently just their video to the song, "Pressure".

Going by YouTube, it seems that UtRB is almost nothing more than a DJ who does remixes for songs by folks like Lorde, Teaan and Sara, Martina and the Diamonds and then a bunch of artists this 50 year old fart has never heard of.

So, "Pressure" might be "his" (I'm assuming he is a he), first foray into original music - though I can't be sure of that on any front (if it is a he, if it's original music, if it's his first go).  iTunes has UtRB as having one 5 song EP out.

Anyhoo - while I like the entire song, it's at the 00:00:45 mark that it kind of kicks in for me. Yeah, the song is a little gay-clubby (well, I"m assuming), but it's got a fairly even groove through most of the tune. I like it.  ...though I'm still not sure why.

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