Friday, August 31, 2012

Telling Me Lies

I have to be honest, I can't stomach to watch the Republican convention even to mock it. I'm not sure I'll be able to watch the Democratic one either. I'm not sure there's nothing new under the sun there.

Remember when the conventions at least used to have surprises?  I mean, they used to announce the running mate AT the convention. There might even be a question who the nominee would be - and not basically anointed seven months ago.

Not for nothing, but Paul Ryan got accolades from the lemmings who will vote for him even if he murdered triplets live on national television. That is to be expected, as sad as that is.

But I have been loving some, but not all, of the news organizations calling him out for his blatant lies during his speech. TPM (whomever they are),  LeftAction, Politiscoop, ThinkProgress - you know all those mainstream media places that the likes of Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin will rally against.

BUT - even Fox called it 'deceiving'.

Don't get a hard-on yet, a lesser buried story on Fox is much nicer about the 'fact checking'.

I was hoping Soledad O'Brien would kind of rip into this, but any CNN story on the distorted truth seems to be so under the radar I couldn't find one. I didn't even try MSNBC.

Hell, I only saw two pictures of Romney having a large donor (in money, not fat) reception on a boat......flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.  Seriously, you can't make this shit up.

The point, I suppose, is for all the cries from the Palins, Malkins, Coulters, Roves etc of the world about the 'lamestream' media, it's not there.  It. Is. Not. There.

I know it is too much to ask that this line of thought goes away, as those lemmings are in need of something/anything to try to differentiate the candidates or to make them feel good about the choice that has been thrust upon them.

In reality, these voters / viewers are just too stupid to see through the veil of fibs. Honestly, I don't understand it.

My thoughts on the untruths are: these guys (and by that, I mean most politicians) are sending up test balloons to see what, and how much, they can get away with; how far they can stretch the truth to further their agenda - all the way up to stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction' that were as fictional as Geppetto himself

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BosGuy said...

I opted not to take the bait and had a few friends over last night. We had the US Open on TV but didn't watch it -- it was more as background. Of course, it didn't stop everyone from chatting about the RNC.

Irony or insight that Romney is so disliked in MA and may not carry NH - the two states he is best known, and spends the most of his time.

anne marie in philly said...

interesting last paragraph from bosguy.

wish the lemmings would just jump off the nearest cliff and leave us, the thinking intelligent people.

obama is leading in the PA polls, so hopefully that will prevail in nov.

Wonder Man said...

It was lie-o-rama