Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Bad Sign

It's 2004 all over again. 

The GOP can go on and on all they want about Obama and the economy.  They can try to ride him about job creation.  They can attempt to blame him about unemployment and healthcare. 

The reality is: they have no solutions to present, but they are experts on obstruction. The GOP just can't stand to let anything pass Congress if they don't have control of 1600 Pennsylvania. 

Tres sad. 

But truth be told, they don't have anything to go on and Mitten's foot-in-mouth isn't helping their case. So they rely on 2004 tactics. 

It is hard to blame this line of attack - I mean, it worked so brilliantly back then. Granted John Kerry wasn't all that charismatic, but it's fucking sad sad sad if you can't make a positive impression against GWB. 

Still, Rove & Co, expertly played the 'be scared of the homos' card to perfection. 

If you think I'm saying any of this tongue-in-cheek (as it's hard to tell in writing sometimes), you'd be dead wrong. 

Don't think I believe they were right in doing what they did, I actually find and found it morally repulsive, but they did it to win, and they did win.  They played on people's fear and diverted them from true and painful issues.  

They say, those who forget history are bound to repeat it.  The republicans have not forgotten history.

I mean, look at this billboard!  Feel free to enlarge the image. 

I took this yesterday on the way home from the airport.  I tried to take a snap of it on the way to the airport on Tuesday, but it was tough to do at 04:15.  Not that it was a breeze at 16:00 going 35mph. Yet, I was bound and determined. 

My hope is, that it is no longer 2004. Massachusetts was the only state back then with same-sex marriage. Now there are quite a few others. Polls are seemingly evening out and even skewing in favour of guy-on-guy weddings.  (yes, gal-on-gal too!, jeessh) 

Now, whether those who come out to vote are the ones taking those polls, it's hard to say. And for the most part same-sex marriage won't be on many state's elections in November 2012.  

That's not the point - it's just the need to implant the fear that Obama will have gay marriage death panels - or something like that, it's still fuzzy.  And in the receiving line of those weddings you'll be forced to get a third trimester abortion. 

The GOP will neglect to tell you that Darth Cheney's daughter got married this last year. They'll neglect to tell you that Newt Gingrich's half-sister is a lezbo (marital status unknown to me).  They will try to deflect that Mittens was governor of Mass when gay marriage began. 

They'll also deny being behind the billboards that are allegedly popping up in swing states (g-d, I hate living in Ohio every presidential election!), because technically, they're not the ones putting them up. But you don't hear those elephants clamouring for those Super PACs to take them down either. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm a competitive person. But I'm not a win at all / any costs kind of guy. My morals might be questionable, but overall, I do have integrity. Personally, I don't know how some of these guys (guys being, men and women) sleep at night. I'm assuming it's because they have zero morals and less integrity. On some level, I have to believe they believe they're doing nothing wrong. 

Is there any other explanation?   ....I mean, besides that they're just plain evil assholes....?

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