Friday, August 03, 2012

Twice if You're Lucky

Yesterday evening, I had a chance to do dinner with Birdie from Strelitzia.

She was, what I consider, the first blogger I met. And now she's the first one I've personally engaged with  twice.

Where last time it was two drinks and we were on our way, this one was a little longer. Two drinks and dinner on an outside patio on a gorgeous summer's night.

And unlike last time, we really mentioned one blogger - well she did - and I didn't even know this person or blog. So conversation did not revolve around this blog thingy.

See?  People can have conversations that are not about the Gore Interweb!

While we talked about many things, it really ended up centering on our animals, but not obsessively so.  But who wouldn't want to talk about Petey??

As with all the blog folks I've met up with, it was a relaxed time with no least it came until picture time.

All of mine came out best.  What you see is the best of the bunch. Even our server, who claimed to be camera-friendly, didn't do a good job (this is one of hers). Birdie got the much better shot, but I'll let her post that.

I'm assuming she'll post it.  I mean, she met up with me!  But last night was a very nice time...and a decent meal.

Ok, but now I have to go walk the dog.

Song by:  Crowded House


Cubby said...

You both look great. I'm envious.

Birdie said...

It was SUCH a blast to see you again! And for those who haven't yet had the pleasure, Blobby talks like he writes: warm, funny, engaging. I highly recommend y'all do your best to meet up!

Wonder Man said...

seems like y'all had a good time

Ur-spo said...

I usually say I am mad-jealous when I see blogger buddies meeting each other, but this time I am real serious - oh to meet with Birdie !!