Thursday, August 02, 2012

Deep Space

I'd could tell you about my man-date date last night.

Even though he lives 4 miles from me, I haven't seen Scott in two months. We rectified that last night.

Yes, drinking may have been involved. But honestly, not a lot. I have drinking plans three nights this week - I have to pace myself.  ...and I only started on Wednesday, so you know I'm in for a long rest of the week.

But no one wants to hear about Scott and myself talk about work, his kids and his wife. He doesn't believe in dog ownerships, so he didn't really care to hear about Petey.

So instead I have a silly video that my friend Sal showed me.

Maybe you have to be fans of Star Trek: the Next Generation. Or of the movie Jeffrey.  Or just of Patrick Stewart. Or a combination of.

Personally, I like the look the Klingon guy gives........twice.

Song by:  Rickie Lee Jones


Erik Rubright said...

I love the look Riker gives before saying he wishes he knew that Jean Luc. *swoon*

Birdie said...