Wednesday, August 29, 2012


You may or may not have watched my Cedar Point video yesterday.  But if not - why not?  C'mon people, I"m not filming, editing and posting these for my health!

Anyhoo - in that video you might have seen me sitting for my pastel portrait.

Normally it is not something I'd do, but compare and contrast got the better of me.

On one of our my first trips to Cedar Point, which would have been right before kindergarten (ugh), my parents had a pastel drawing done at that time. So figure I was about 5 - right?

Fast forward (though not very fast) 44 years and here I am having it done again.  I mean, why not?

From a 12 of 12 back in 2010 (?) you may have remembered seeing my 5 yo chalk-self. It was a funny-ish story.

Shortly after having it done, we moved houses and cities. About 10 years later, the owners of our old house found the portrait had fallen behind a bookcase and mailed it to my parents. 20 years after that, I got it framed.

Oh, I was also having a real pissy time at Cedar Point, apparently.  Cranky Blobby.

There is a problem I see with the portraits that I didn't really think existed - my rugby ball sized head. For years I tried to justify seeing it in that picture as some talentless Cedar Point drawing hack who is now no doubt working at Payless Shoes.

But now 44 years later, another artist and the same subject, the truth is out there.......

As 710 watched him do the rendering, he thought the black and white portion was just great and wanted him to stop at that. Then he chuckled as the black beard he painted started to get speckled with white.

Neither version captures my eyebrows very well. Let's face it - they are a defining feature of my mug. ...and my nose has gotten bigger - no surprise.

I guess I could have made a pouty face or had him draw a blue and green striped shirt on the new one for a true comparison......but I wasn't that invested.

Can't wait to see what the next version looks like in 44 years.

Song by:  Rosanne Cash


Cubby said...

You should practice pursing your lips.

Anonymous said...

I think there are a few anorexia groups that idolize you. And now that you mention it, you do kinda look like Stewie.

Morty said...

Sad that your parents tried to hide all your pictures behind a bookcase, but glad you were able to triumph over that through therapy and wonderful friends. Like me.

rebecca said...

You look MUCH butcher in the 2nd pic.

Theaterdog said...

You look rather slinky sexy in that chair posing for the artist...was that intentional? Note the position of the likey. LOL

Wonder Man said...

I wish I had a pic done as a kid

Ur-spo said...

You get better with each year.

Mike said...

You might want to consult a doctor about that 90 degree angle in the back of your head.

Erik Rubright said...

You could rent that space out for advertising.... ;-)