Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Too Tired

Sorry folks - I'm being lazy today.

Not only do I not have an original post, I don't even have one of my placeholders ready to roll-out. I suppose I can throw out a little update.

I don't make a deal out of it, but I had a nice birthday on Monday. Very low key. 'twas to be 710 and myself when Becky barged in and took over came up for a visit and went out with us for dinner.

I kid, we loved having her. We had a nice meal, knocked back a few bottles of wine had some dessert that 710 had brought home (hmmmm....chocolate salty caramel cupcakes!) and then went to bed.

It was all very mature of us.

The b-days are supposed to be low key.  I just don't care that much about the day. So kicking it with a husband and friend is just fine - and she got to meet Petey.  What could be better?

I got a number of nice emails, FB posts and one e-card from my friend Jeri. She took images of her and myself and made a disco-era card of us.  I could download it for $4.99 (!!!!!) and post it here, but really - five bucks???

She also made another one in the form of Magic Mike. It wasn't nearly as good and I'm really rockin' the 'fro.

Next year's b-day will be different. I have ideas of what I want - and have had for a year now.  ...and it's only 363 days away. I gotta get moving on planning it.

Song by: Mary Chapin Carpenter


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday.
I bet you've been heard to roar!

Erik Rubright said...

And what would these ideas for next year be? Or are you gonna keep up waiting for an entire year?