Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Tired of me talking about yoga?


I've been enjoying my Sunday morning yoga classes a lot - and maybe it's my imagination, but each one seems to get harder than the last. At our after practice tea session at B&N, some other class folks confirmed this.

While I haven't given up lifting, I haven't done it for almost two weeks, and you know something, I don't miss it. I know I need to get back to it, but I'm enjoying yoga much more.

Last Sunday's class was tough. I'm thinking a Krav Maga class would be easier.

Mid-way through, the instructor had us attempt Dolphin pose. In certain ways that was the end of class for me.

My arms were covered in sweat and when I had them pressed on the mat, there was no getting a grip, for this pose of many of the ones to follow.

I'm thinking I'm working a lot harder in these classes than in my previous studio. The sweating is a lot more and it ain't pretty. David and I were talking about how respective spouses would like us to shower sooner than later after class is finished.

But I am thinking I need to buy one more yoga necessity - a towel that actually covers the entire mat. It's the only way I kind of see this working if I'm going to attempt this and not fall on my face.

Per the two folks in line at B&N, both have them, one says it works great, one says it's worse than a slick mat. They both have the exact same towel. She uses it to wipe herself off during.  He covers his mat.

I rarely ask advice here, but does anyone use a yoga towel over their mat - and if so, does it work?

If you look at the above image, you'd think Herve Villacheze (sp) was working out at the studio.  ...but no.

That short mat?  Mine.  That short mat?  It is 71" long. Not short at all. I'm thinking the mat next to mine, is about 85" long.  It's owner will go unnamed.

Yes, I fit on my mat, kind of, but I do fit...mostly. But I didn't realize how ridiculously small mine looked next to his.  (that's what she said!)

No, but seriously, I'm just talking about the mat.

Oh - and this is a pic from Yoga Without Borders.  I'm in the last row, closest person to the rack - and by that I mean the clothing.

Then here we are (in the circle) gettin' our zen on.

Song by:  Laurie Anderson


Anonymous said...

That big mat means someone is compensating. Just look how small it makes his little green block/cock look.

Anonymous said...

Look what yoga does for Sting, Madonna and Ricky.

Erik Rubright said...

I wish I had more self-discipline to not giggle when I'm attempting to do yoga. I'd probably do it then. More power to you. Yoga power. ;-)

Ur-spo said...

I too am envious; I used to do yoga daily and have not in years; I felt a lot better when I did so.

Anonymous said...

I regularly use a towel on my yoga mat. I used to use an ordinary towel, then I got a Lulu Lemon yoga towel for free and have been using that. You need to make sure it won't slip under you. I still sweat heavily and bring either a washcloth (in winter) or something bigger (in summer) to wipe myself off.