Monday, August 27, 2012

My Music Monday

Doing a My Music Monday segment with a video can be just as tricky as doing one without.

Sometimes the video, while not overwhelm the song, distracts from it. But blogs are visual and often an embedded audio player doesn't strike a reader's fancy.

The video for this week's selection, the National's "Conversation 16" is such a video - distracting.

While many videos have zilch to do with an actual song, this one falls in that category. And that's a shame, because "Conversation 16' is such a great song (my opinion, of course) that you really should listen to it - possibly more than a few times.

Matt Beringer's lyrics are dark, yet funny - intriguing, yet nonsense. But the vocal arrangement / phrasing is great (my opinion, of course) as is the drumming.

I guess the video is the same way, mostly the no sense of it, with John Slattery from Mad Men and that chick from the Daily Show and now on 30 Rock (she kind of annoys me on everything she does).

If you're not taken with the vid, just listen to the song - possibly more than a few times.

Personally, I think the song on some kind of radio should have gotten more airplay and it's been 2+ years since a new disk from these guys (though they have new songs out here and there on other projects), it's fun to revisit some of their better tunes.

This is one of them.  In my opinion, of course.

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Harpers Keeper said...

It is, indeed, and odd video. Great song though.