Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Site of the Month

I have not written squat about the 2012 Summer Olympics.  There is only so much you can write or read about Ryan Locthe's grill or the gay porn or olympics meme that was going around.

Granted, I'm going out on no limb here to show the Tumblr site my cousin tossed my way: McKalya is NOT Impressed.

McKalya Maroney (no relation to Jenna) was a silver medalist gymnast, who was unfortunately caught with an unimpressed look on her face - and people were off to the races using photoshop for good and bad.

Some are funnier than others, but it continues.

I liked the above image and this one.

It won't last and her star will fade, but for a moment, it was kind of funny, but people clearly have too much time on her hand - like myself.

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