Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have no songs with word 'leap' in it. Who knew?

...and it turns out, I didn't write a Leap Day post in 2008 or 2004.

Back 2004 the closest post I had was speaking about my then would-be husband Dr. Gov. Howard Dean.

I have no affection for Lead Day.  I suppose it means nothing to most, unless they have birthdays on this day. I suppose it might mean something to astronomers or whomever tracks time with the leap second - blah blah blah.

To me, it means one more day of work.

Of course, you get one more blog post for the year. 366.

Who knows if thing will be operational for 2016 and if there will be another leap year post.  No promises.

Song by: Madonna


Jonny said...

Kenneth looked good bald, doncha think?

Birdie said...

Why is this picture showing up everywhere?

Someone suggested that we take this "extra" day and make it truly extra: Tuesday, Extra, Wednesday, etc. I really like that idea. Instead of absorbing it into the calendar, let it stay distinct—then it really IS an extra day. How do we get this going?

Cubby said...

Have a happy day.

Ur-spo said...

I hope for 2016.