Friday, February 24, 2012

Secret Smile

So, on my way out of Vegas yesterday, I had to pass by that Welcome To and See Ya Later sign right on the south end of the Strip.

Yeah, I've taken a pic there before, but it seemed right to do it again, as this was my final work trip to the town. Sure, I'll be back for fun, but clearly not as often.

Mind you, I took the pictures around 06:15, so I can only look so good.....and not that I put that much effort into the task.  ...and by 'much', I mean 'any'.

I posted this pic on Facebook, just because I was leaving for home and it seemed like a good transition.

You've all said it - or some of you have - about my lack of smile.  Of course, I'm not that serious of a guy. Quite the opposite, actually. It is just my perception of how I think I look when I smile.

My friend, Sanj, noted on FB: "a smile wouldn't kill least I don't think so...."   Sanj (yes, he's Canadian did you know?) doesn't read my blog, so he's not jumping on your bandwagon.

However, I did take another pic a minute later that I really had no use for since I was not coming to Las Vegas.

However.......look.  A smile.

It doesn't show all my chompers or anything, but it's also not showing all of my "laugh lines" either.  I'm not mostly Asian in this either.

I thought about sending the pic to Sanj, but why give him the satisfaction of thinking I was smiling for him. I'm totally not.

For the record, he's seen me smile.  But for the record, he's seen me on a major rant too.  Well, I think he's seen me smile.

Song by:  Semisonic


Cubby said...

Great smile. Why hide it?

Side note: this is the best I've seen your facial hair since I started reading you.

Birdie said...

Your smile makes me smile.

Erik Rubright said...

It's a festively happy smile.

But I understand the self-perception issues.

anne marie in philly said...

growing some face fuzz?

I have never been to vegas; no desire to go; no interest in casinos.

cb said...

You should smile more-- it's good for you.

Plus it minimizes the chances of looking like a rottweiller spotting a burglar....

Mike said...

For what it's worth, I prefer photo #2 (smile). Without the smile, i am a little sceered of you....