Thursday, February 09, 2012

Site of the Month

I think it is all fair to say, I'm not getting onto the site Dudes with Beards Eating Cupcakes, due to my lack of earlobe extenders, septum rings and not being completely f'ugly (shut up all of you!).  Even though I fit the requirement of being a "dude" and well, you know I love cupcakes.

However, I will NOT be denied this one.

I won't.  I won't. I won't.  I won't. I won't.  I won't. I won't.  I won't. I won't.  I won't. I won't.  I won't.

Dudes With Beards With Cats.

How perfect is this??  I mean, for me.  A man and his beard.  A man and his cat.

The owners of the site do not seem to update it all that often, but perhaps they do not get a lot of submissions. This is all unclear the me with the limited data set with which I have to work.

But I figured I could make this a participatory event.  I've never used a poll in my blog before - so what hell, now is a good time, no?  You guys can select my first (?) entry.

I had many more pics of either Sophie and myself, or Tovah and myself, that were probably better, but with that laptop being long gone, I'm working from a limited subset of images from which to choose. I selected three and that's where you come in.

The poll is open until 11:59 (and I want to stay alive!) on Monday.

Scaling Mt. Dad

Snoozing Soph

Working Cat


Birdie said...

While "Mt. Dad" is hilarious, and Sophie is adorable snoozing, you both are equally cute in "Working Cat." Judging from other entries, that is important to the site. I think so too. :)

Cubby said...

Don't you mean "Mt. Daddy"?

David said...

Shouldn't t be called Sophie's Choice?

anne marie in philly said...

love 'em all, but the last one is the keeper!

Mike said...

Your readers have spoken

Erik Rubright said...

David's comment made me LOL.

And I think you could rock a septum ring.

Raybeard said...

These are cute with a capital 'K'!.

In the middle one Sophie is in her element though I reckon in the top pic she's submissively offering you her rear end to sniff. But I know you'd refuse because YOU would not be used to having others' bottoms right in your face, would you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I voted for working cat but think build that wall is the best.

David G said...

I vote for "Working Cat" because of your big happy smile (relatively speaking)

Ur-spo said...

I want a smile on you, like Ms Sophie in #2 !