Monday, February 06, 2012

My Music Monday

'tis a little odd that I was planning on using this song for a My Music Monday. 

Since working from home, I do not drive much anymore and even when I did, never utilized the satellite radio as much as you'd think. It's just more stations of crap.  (really? an entire Jimmy Buffet channel???)

But a few weeks ago, we were out and about and a song came on that really struck my fancy.  Yes, I said it:  'fancy'  (Morty will no doubt leave a comment with a Reba lyric.).  Anyways, I made 710 Shazam it so I could remember the title and such later, if I opted to purchase it.

The odd part was, that I had seen the embedded video on Don's Studio YVR No Fooling Me blog site. I just never clicked on the video to play or I would have tied the two together.  I would have given Don full credit, had I just hit 'play', but he's at least getting partial credit now.

"Somebody That I Used to Know" was released last summer, but Gotye's full album did not arrive until mid-December. I'd say that's my excuse for not knowing it, but the reality is, I am woefully behind on finding new music and new groups (need I remind anyone of my Bangles purchase???).

I don't know from Gotye at all. Since this is a song featuring someone else, I'm going out on a limb that all of his/their stuff is not like this.  An iTunes sampling has confirmed this.

Right or wrong, "Someone That I Used to Know" has a Peter Gabriel vibe mixed in with the Police (some of his other works has some early Stones sounds or some Motown too, but then he gets off into ambient and electronic modes).  The Gabriel/Police thing totally works. At first I thought I liked the chorus (and I do), but it is the verse that I find the most interesting and I want for another two or three of them.

But you can't always get what you want. And I rarely do.

I won't buy the entire disk, but I will purchase the song.


DesperateArtist said...

This is too much. I actually thought about doing a blog post on this very tune too. A friend sent me a link to the video about a month ago, but I forgot about this song until I heard it at the coffee shop this morning. They must have had the same satellite radio on as you.

Unknown said...

I saw this yesterday. It's a pretty good song.

cb said...

Why aren't you listening to Madge's new ditty???

Erik Rubright said...

This song has such an odd "The Doors" feel to it to me for some reason. When I first heard it, I thought someone had changed over to the classic rock station.

And I *know* you just didn't dis the Margaritaville station!

Erik Rubright said...

Oh... and have you heard/seen the cover by "Walk off the Earth"? (

I'm totally fascinated by the bearded man on the right.

And the fact they're all playing on one instrument.

dith said...

I heard this on the radio last night and "Shazamed" it 'cause I loved it. (yes, I'm behind on the blog.)