Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let Him Fly

You know, you haven't heard me mention travel in 2012, have you?

No.  No you haven't.  Oddly enough it is because I have yet to travel this year.  It has been odd at best, considering how much time I spent on the road in 2011.

Of course, that's all over now. By the time you read this, I'll be half way across the country in a big old jet airliner.

It is my last trip to Vegas for work. That is, at least until I get another client in Vegas.

I cannot say I'm fond of of the town. There are worse places to go, but I'd rarely hit the strip during these work trips.  Once or twice I have gone, but it was to meet folks.

I will miss seeing my dear friend, David G.  We've been buds since 1984 (yikes!) and most of these trips I've gotten to spend time with him - which has been great. We are making plans to have dinner my last night in Vegas - or at least to meet up and sit around and yak for a few minutes.

The great thing about David is we can say anything to each other - and do. No matter how much time goes between emails, phone calls or visits, and we always pick-up easily and there is no awkwardness. I suppose that is true of many of my close friends, but it is just a little different with Davey.

So, I'm off to close down a site and move on.  New clients, new adventures await.

I know I'll be seeing David again.  Perhaps in Vegas, perhaps elsewhere.  I'll miss him, I won't miss the town.

Song by:  the Dixie Chicks

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BosGuy said...

Are you in Vegas for HIMSS (healthcare technology conference). I know a bunch of people in town for the conference.

Safe travels.