Monday, February 20, 2012

My Music Monday

If you know me, when it comes to music videos, I am all about the scantily clad female with perky bosoms who does girl-on-girl mud wrestles and / or washes their car with sudsy water, as it cascades over them.  Or both.

Oh yes, you know me well.

Unfortunately, this video is as close as Poe has to having one still out there on the web.  Warner Bros., like many other record labels, have blocked official videos produced by their artists from being on YouTube, as either side has yet to come to agreement on licensing / payment.

With Haunted, 2000 was the last year Poe has released an album, at least that I am aware of.  While technically not a collaborative affair with her brother, Mark Danieleski,  it did play off some of his themes for his book, House of Leaves - which still ranks up there as the weirdest and one of the more difficult novels I have ever read.

But Haunted is a great album. If nothing else, it has three incredible songs: the title track, "Not a Virgin" and version of the one featured here, "Hey Pretty".

You don't really hear the entire song here, as there is a monologue / reading from her brother (part that she even lip syncs) that is interspersed between parts of the song.  Other parts of the song aren't even present here.  The concept is different in that way, and perhaps the bra, mud and suds are supposed to be ironic. Perhaps.

I would hope anyway, but you know, a gal has got to sell records - which she technically didn't do enough of, and Warners dropped her not that long after the record was released.


Anonymous said...

Warner is the only major left that wont deal with YouTube. The other three have united to form Vevo – YouTubes most watched “channel”.

As for the song - they could have done cool things with that video. Its a shame.

Erik Rubright said...

I always liked this song. I'll have to go give her other stuff a listen now.

As for the video... *yech*

Unknown said...

Poe is incredible, and I think their album ,Hello, is wonderful. I think my favorite tracks are Hello, Trigger Happy Jack, and Dolphin. I used to hear Angry Johnny on the radio all the time.

Haunted is just incredible, and The House of Leaves was incredible, but it was so strange. I read it when I was in college working at the library. It was incredibly well lit, and I still felt claustrophobic. I never finished it but Danielewski also wrote another book called Of Revolutions. It was the same style. I remember pulling it off the cart when it came in new.