Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

How's your week going? 

As you've seen on my 12 of 12, I host a Monday morning operations meeting to kick off the week. I prep at 0430a, hit the gym and then am ready for it at 07:30. 

Yesterday, shortly before the meeting started, I got a message that a new clinical term was added to my personal / electronic health record. 

I'd been waiting to hear from my Ortho guy on my ankle, so I clicked and looked.  

Of course, it was not from him. Even the above image tells you that, no? 

No no..........I get this.......

I'm a fairly smart man, but all I got from that was "left eye".  So naturally I click on the info button - 2 minutes before my meeting is to start.  

Bad Move. 

Benign Tumors and Eye Cancer, 

Now THOSE words, I understand!

Just then, my Chair joined the call. It was just her and myself for a few and she asked how things were. I was not sure and kind of chuckled when I read to her what I was reading in real time.  She laughed - but at what she thought (and i hoped) - at the absurdity. 

Now, back in 2020, my Optho guy told me I had something potentially wrong that we'd keep an eye on. I swear on my mother's grave (which I can now say!) that he said it was a weird kind of glaucoma related issue. 

5-6 months back, he mentioned nothing had changed and he was good where I was, but we'd continue to check. 

Eye Cancer was never discussed.  

That said, it wouldn't have surprised me that much if he did. You all know my history (kind of) - go in for my appendix, leave with bone cancer.  Have a hearing loss, they check for a brain tumor.  Debilitating headache, they check for a brain tumor. Weird dots on my tongue, they check for mouth and throat cancer. Lipoma taken off my head, but they checked for tumor. 

My check-up co-pays alone could fund MD Anderson and Sloan Kettering. 

I went about my meeting and eventually messaged the doc. He got right back to me saying we discussed this in 2020 (liar!)  and in 2022 and that all was status quo.  ....and that........and I quote........"in my 24 years seeing patients, I have never had a patient where one progressed to melanoma". 


I mean........c'mon........law of averages.......

Song by: Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons


Old Lurker said...

Sweet baby Jesus that's terrifying. But you seem to be taking it rawther calmly? Is it the case where they don't know whether it is benign or the big C yet?

BosGuy said...

Blobby - sorry to read about this and hope you'll keep us all updated. I can't imagine how upsetting this must've been to read. I think I would've had to go home after getting that message. I don't know how you could concentrate on anything else.