Friday, October 28, 2022

Out of Time

I've run out of time for the day. 

Long work day, after the gym, that is.  And then I had to go to an awards ceremony.  

One of my nurses was anonymously nominated for an award. Not only did she win it, but she got the system nurse of the year award. 

That's a huge deal. We have 15 hospital system and hundreds of practice sites in the ambulatory world. 

To be selected the best of the best is incredible. 

Truth being told, did I want to be at a ceremony until 20:00?  I did not. But there is no way I didn't want to show my support. And I got to meet her parents and her KEY-ute husband. 

There were 22 awards given out overall. And I was kind of irked that she wasn't singled singled out. It was the top award and they just did every awardee alphabetically. It would have been nice acknowledged for that. 

She was extremely excited that I came to support her. Of course, I would. A good boss would or should. 

But I got home well after 20:00, still had to eat dinner (late) and get my gym bag together 

Now it's bed time. 

Song by: Rollings Stones

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Old Lurker said...

Congratulations to your nurse! What a good boss you are.