Monday, October 17, 2022

My Music Monday

Same song title all month. Different songs. Different artists. 

The title is "Drive".

This week's artist is R.E.M. 

Like I said last week, this selection keeps the same beat throughout the song. No variation. 

Back in {sigh} 1992, I thought this song, and its album, Automatic for the People, to be a huge departure for the band.  Time and experience might have eroded that thought.  Now that shift seems perfectly natural. 

"Drive" was the lead single from Automatic. It would become one of my favourite albums of theirs, if only for "Nightswimming" and "the Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight", though there are other great songs on this disk. 

Anymore, I don't seek out "Drive", but when it pops up, I never turn it off. 

To hear Adam Scott, or "Ben Wyatt" on Parks & Rec, tell the story - he's in the crowd of this video. 


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