Saturday, October 01, 2022

It Takes Two

I won't lie. It's weird doing a pet post with one less pet. Not only that - no cats at all. 

Now and then I'd toss a picture of my sister's cat, Wally, here. As it turns out, Wally went a few days before Sophie. We didn't know that until we met my sister down at Bow Wow Beach. She's had cats longer than we, so we are all feline-less currently. least for now. 

And while clearly we love Shep, I'll have to think about this differently in the long run. I like mixing it up with The Little Man, and others.  We shall see how Saturdays morph over the next few months, I guess. 

Chillaxin' Shep

This is Elsie. 
So small, her 'mom' had a bootlace for a leash attached to a kitten collar. 

The mom said she didn't know what kind of dog Elsie was, but I'm pretty sure there is a lot of pitbull in there. 

Shep and Bailey go for a swim. 

Blobby is conquered........again. 

This is Olive, my friend Bob's dog. 
She is a love!

Don't know who these are, but they are frickin' holding court where the Weimaraner's hang. 
I don't even think that foursome will fuck with these two. 

Song by: Marvin Gaye & Tammy Weston


Raybeard said...

Always love to see new faces, as long as they're intermixed with familiar ones like here. Nonetheless, the spirit of our dear departed one lingers on, so we do fully understand any reticence in your finding a new 'groove' to blog on.

Travel said...

Thanks we needed this,

Bob said...

Nice seeing the wee dogs taking that entire dog bed for themselves.

Ur-spo said...

I never day no to dogs