Friday, October 14, 2022

White Winos

How time flies. 

For folks who have been reading this forever, you might remember my man-date, Scott. 

After leaving the same company about the same time almost a decade ago, we just haven't seen each other much, even though we only live a few miles apart. 

That his wife isn't fond of me doesn't help. Let's be honest, that's a fairly large club to which she belongs. 

I haven't seen Scott in almost a year. We've tried to make arrangements, but you know, life gets in the way. We've had three cancellations in as many weeks - all his. Last evening we made it work. 

We may have gone back to the haunt of our first "date". Oh, the establishment isn't the same, just the location remains the same. We may have split an entire bottle of wine. 

The 'what's new' catch up isn't a lot. Work mostly. I did catch up about his kids. He has a gay son who just moved in with the guy whom he's been dating. He likes the guy, he jokingly said, more than his own son. I can relate. I'm 90% sure my parents liked 710 more than me. To his advantage, the local police chief didn't know 710 at all, let alone by his first name. 

We are trying to make this a more regular thing. More than once per year would be nice. We will see if we can attempt this.  Right now I'm on the hook for the next bottle, as he paid this time. 

We took this horrible photo - of both of us - to send to a former colleague who wanted to join us. She still works for the company - or an iteration of - that we left.  I should have taken a few more options, but we're stuck with this one. 

Song by: Loudon Wainwright III

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Old Lurker said...

If I was Scott's wife I would probably be jealous too. I think the picture looks fine except for the sun in your eyes.