Saturday, October 22, 2022

Nice to See You

It's Saturday. Pet day.  I'm still trying to figure this out with not having Sophie. I got some work to do, but we'll get there. 

Shep is super manipulative come noon on the weekends.
He ain't playin' around when he wants to go on a trip. 

I was texting with Mike this last week, and he sent me a pic of Ollie - all newly groomed. 
He's a handsome sort.  Ollie that is.   Mike too.........I suppose. 

Bailey - still being abused by my sister. 

Hanging on the west bank of the Flats. 

Song by: the Left Banke


Old Lurker said...

That's not abuse. That's adorable! (Do I detect the judgment of someone who was coerced into playing "dress-up" as a child?)

Raybeard said...

Lovely, loveable doggies all.

Travel said...

What does Baily think of be dressed up? If only we could understand what they say.

Bob said...

Poor Bailey.
Carlos tried to put a sweater on Tuxedo yesterday; there was a discussion ....

James Dwight Williamson said...

Sheps a good boy