Monday, October 10, 2022

My Music Monday

Same song title all month. Different songs. Different artists. 

The title is "Drive".   This week's artist are the Cars. 

I got to see the band in 1978 as they were just coming on to the scene. They were mid-pack at a rock festival in Cleveland. Eddie Money opened, then Todd Rundgren, then the Cars, then Bob Welch (!), who was right before his previous band, Fleetwood Mac. 

Honestly, I remember the Cars being LOUD. And I remember Fleetwood Mac. For the rest of it, I was kind of - in 1978 terms - wasted. 

One of their biggest hits - if not the biggest hit - it was released in 1984. Benjamin Orr took lead vocals. I always appreciated the songs Orr fronted than the ones Ric Ocasek took center stage.   .....even though Ocasek did write this. 

Like last week's selection (and next week's), there is a rhythm that runs through the song. No real change in tempo at all.

A few notes about the video - it was directed by Timothy Hutton. And it stars Ocasek's not yet girlfriend, turned wife, turned (almost?) ex-wife, model Paulina Porizkova.  While separated, Ocasek died while staying with her, but after he cut her out of his will.  So............he seems nice. 

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