Wednesday, October 05, 2022


'Tis the season. 

Flu season, unfortunately. 

I mean, it's at least approaching. It's not like Halloween, where things have been "on sale" since July. No, this season goes on for months with it not truly hitting until sometimes the first of the year. 

But it is the time, in theory, to get a flu shot.  

I got mine on Monday. 

2022-2023 might be different stories than 2020-2022. Everyone had been wearing masks all the time, and while not eliminating the flu, cases were cut down significantly, and almost nary a person died from it. Covid, yes. Flu, no. 

But butthole, Pappy Joe, said the pandemic was "over". Not that the WHO, CDC or any other medical overseeing body has said anything similar. Even before that, people have been fairly lax about wearing masks. 

Fewer masking opportunities means increased flu potential.  

I'm not 100% sure I've actually ever had the flu. Bu I will say, my annual January cold has not happened the last two years, and I'm chalking it up to masks and social distancing. 

Covid Omnicron AB is out there - kicking ass. You're not gonna die from it, or even be hospitalized. But it will keep you down for a week. I've had staff dropping like flies. 

Which brings me to my next shot. If you don't get the new Covid booster and flu shot on the same day - you must wait two weeks between jabs.  I hear this booster can get to you. My last two have been fine - non-eventful even. I'm hoping that's the case, but we'll find out in two weeks or so. 

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Travel said...

Boosted and vaxed three weeks ago, all went well.

Raybeard said...

Not sure if I've ever had 'proper' flu as well, ever since my doctor decades ago told me, after I claimed that I'd had it, that what most people call 'flu' is really just a heavy cold. If you get genuine flu, he said, you will certainly know about it, which would likely mean having to be hospitalised. Anyway, I've been getting regular 'flu' jabs every Autumn for maybe 40 years now (this year also with a separate COVID booster) and I can only say that if what he's saying is correct then they've certainly worked - even if being not quite as effective in preventing the very occasional, and rarer, heavy cold.

Old Lurker said...

I hope I will not be hospitalized when I invariably catch COVID, but I am still scared. Perhaps I should see a shrink.