Thursday, October 13, 2022

12 of 12

 So I'm doing my 150th (!!!!) 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Erik is back and I think he's picking up 12 of 12 again. 

04:02.  Sitting in the dark with Shep. 

He was majorly antsy. We went of a walk at 03:14 !!!! He barely settled down here. 

04:39.  More semi-frantic behaviour. 

I took him out to the backyard. He barked 710 awake after I left at 04:45. 

05:09.  Kettle Bell. 

It's shoulder and back day!

06:35.  Morning caffeine at my newly renovated Starbucks. 

07:34.  Daily revenue spreadsheet.

12:05.  Walking to my car. 

12:22. Talking to my friend Doug on my car ride. Don't worry - it was bluetooth'd. 

13:13.  My different-site work destination. 

16:14. ...came to see the damage to a space I'm taking over, that had a flood water intrusion. 

17:24.  Updates to my lappy before shutting down. 

18:11.  Doggy Daycare Pick-Up. 

19:01.  Packing gym bag for tomorrow morning. 

That's it!

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