Sunday, October 23, 2022

Nobody Does it Better

Granted, what I'm considering a "movie" these days might be a stretch. Yet here we are.

Last night we happened upon the Sound of 007. Yes, a documentary of the music of James Bond. Not just the themes but the scores as well. 

Not that long after compact discs were released - mid to late 80s - "they" released all Bond themes up until that year, which I think ended with Duran Duran's "a View to a Kill". 

Since then, I'm sure they could release another volume with what came later. 

I have my favourites, of course, from the version I had. I mean, sure, Shirley Bassey is great. Well, maybe not "Moonraker". But I have a soft spot for Lulu's "Man with the Golden Gun" and Nancy Sinatra's "You Only Live Twice".  ....and yes, Duran Duran. 

Yes, there were major weak songs:  see "Moonraker" or "All Time High" with Rita Coolidge.  Rita Fucking Coolidge?  Was Carol Channing busy?  I have never been a fan of Louis Armstrong.  Sue me. 

In that first 25 year era, there was some interesting anecdotes.  Sinatra's song was a debacle and had to be pieced together from over 20 takes. Tom Jones' "Thunderball"?  One take. 

John Barry had some hand into most of those first 25 years (it seems working with Duran Duran might have ended the Bond relationship). And this themes were utilized here and there since. But with "Live and Let Die", there was a change in process. Singer / Songwriters started being utilized into many of the themes, starting with Paul McCartney & Wings.  

The next 25 years it was hit and miss, as the producers seemed to chase the big names for the sake of big names.  That is my take. The documentary doesn't even try to imply that. But it's done by the studio who made the Bond films, so they wouldn't, would they? 

People derided a-ha and their theme, and while it wasn't stellar, it wasn't nearly as bad as lot of other crap.

Seriously, Madonna?  HORRID. All auto-tune and no talent.  Sheryl Crow???  Sam Smith?  The man couldn't find a note with GPS. 

Garbage wasn't bad. For what I think of Jack White, his was a least new and energetic. No one is ever gonna get me to understand the appeal of Billie Ellish.  As a person, she seems great. As a singer......ehhhhh. But even I'll take her over most in that upper paragraph. 

I honestly had no idea that Tina Turner or Gladys Knight even had their own theme songs. As for "For Your Eyes Only", I'd take Blondie's rejected version of "For Your Eyes Only" over Sheena Easton any day. 

I think what was more interesting than what they talked about are the artists they left off the doc, though did we think Madonna was going to weigh-in here?  I'm surprised Crow didn't - she seems to go to the opening of an envelope. 

It was all somewhat entertaining, but not horribly informative overall.  There were snippets which would have made it better had there been more. But it was something to watch on a Saturday night. 

2022 Movie Count / Goal: 12 of 15

Song by: Aimee Mann (oh, and i guess Carly Simon)


Raybeard said...

I'm with you on some of these (Madonna's anyone? Thought not. The authentic 'Garbage'!). The first in the series I REALLY disliked was Sheena Easton's (".....only for YO!" Just heard the Blondie for first time. Much more appealing.) - and 'Moonraker was utterly forgettable. My own favourites are 'You Only Live Twice', ''Live and Let Die', 'Nobody Does it Better' [even if we all wait for the film's title to come round!] - and that classic from yesteryear sung by, for me the greatest male singing voice our country has ever produced, Matt Monro, 'From Russia....'.
Btw: How on earth did Adele's 'Skyfall' make the cut with that RISING interval on the syllable 'FALL'!!! Still riles me!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Been watching since Thunderball

Old Lurker said...

Do you know how out of touch I am? I am so out of touch that until today I did not realize that the Paul McCartney song was ACTUALLY a Bond theme.

VoenixRising said...

Might that CD be "The Best of Bond...James Bond?"

If so, I have that one too. It's fabulous!

You might also want to check out "Shaken and Stirred The David Arnold James Bond Project."