Tuesday, October 04, 2022


I suppose I'm somewhat obligated to write about Hurricane Ian. 

I feel for some Floridians, of course, but overall, I don't care.  

You can blame Ron DeSantis on that.

 While he's governor - or g-d forbid president - I won't set foot in the state or give them a dime. Not even for disaster relief. 

To be fair, DeSantis has eschewed the idea that the government should be handing out money for disasters..........until now.......when he wants it. He's a fucking hypocrite who no one will call him on it, at least publicly.  That includes the media. 

My dream - and I do have them - is for Pappy Joe to visit the state with picture after picture of DeSantis with him, assessing damage and asking for the $$$.  If Pappy Joe were smart - and I'm not sold on that - he'd have his arm around DeSantis every single photo op possible. 

While DeSantis claims to be (or for) Christian, he certainly doesn't act like one. They never do. Quelle Surprise. 

But for all the right and conservative Christians historically blaming weather on the heathens and homos for the destruction brought upon "them", maybe this is the case:  flying refugees in from Texas, who weren't even trying to get into Florida, and using tax dollars as a political stunt and sending them to Cape Cod......well, maybe g-d is fucking with you for fucking with him and spewing hate. 

Like all the gays who brought on Katrina and the poor others of Louisiana had to suffer for that debauchery, so must the innocents of Florida for their governor's actions. 

If you've been to Naples, Captiva or Sanibel, there aren't really people of need there. Yes, some have last year's Mercedes, so of course that is unfortunate, but they had the ways and means to get to safety and leave as necessary.  That they now don't have water or power does not pull on my heart strings. If they have pets, yes, I'd pay to rescue those, but leave the people behind. 

I feel for the people who had nothing beforehand and had nowhere or no way to go. Any Federal funds aren't going to help them, as not one cent will be coming their way.  ....just the way the state government wants anyway. 

The reality is, more than 50% of those who voted, knowingly voted for a dickweed of a candidate. You get a man of hate in power and you find out how much less people care about the people who support such a person. So sorry for the minorty who are caught in the wake, but it happens. 

Yes FEMA is going to give the state money. I'd like them to have DeSantis grovel for it a bit. It's close to election time. It's time the Dems start getting their hands dirty, like the Gov did a few weeks back to help his polling. Biden should be hitting the road each Dem candidate at every devastated site - and crop out Ron anytime he's around. 

But he won't.  

BTW, the other choice for governor:  Charlie Crist.  

J.F.C. Florida - you really know how to pick 'em. Are you sure Jeb Bush can't run again? 

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Travel said...

I am not going there, or spending money there, until he is gone, and the repent for their evil ways.

Sally said...

Excellent post. You expressed what so many of us are feeling.

Old Lurker said...

President DeSantis. Doesn't that just roll off your tongue?

I feel DeSantis is holding his state hostage. There are a lot of nutjobs there but also some good people (several of whom have blogs in our corner of the blogosphere). I also don't see that Biden can come out of any situation looking good when the GOP is out for blood.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I have some F-Bombs for you, but I’ll bite my tongue😊