Friday, January 07, 2022

Young Boy


I mean, while I suppose a priest could rape Fido, in a pinch - clearly while Catholic church might want to mount their young victims doggie-style, they would rather they only have two legs. 

And you - with your cats and dogs - are depriving the entire church by not having fresh, tender rump roast for them to impale. 


Seriously, you know the papacy has to have a director of communications, right? 

I mean, they have to know the inevitable responses and how a statement like this plays out in the media and more importantly, social media, right?   RIGHT? 

Isn't this an organization that should expressly stay away from comments on children? 

Rape and sodomy aside (as if!) - still, the only thing people not having kids is doing to the Catholic church is depriving them of sheep providing them money so they might worship at their altar - literally and figuratively. They're potentially on track to miss the folks who would believe what their parents believed and never question a thing. 

It's like a sports team: you choose a team you like, randomly at a young age, and then stick with it for no apparent reason other than it's the one you know. 

Honestly, wouldn't you rather have a dog or cat? 

Song by: Paul McCartney


Anonymous said...

OMFG. I'd maintain that people who take a pet into their home and treat it as a member of their family are possibly exhibiting MORE humanity that people without pets. The human/animal bond is a beautiful thing. Carol - a reader in Philly

VoenixRising said...

What Carol said.