Monday, January 03, 2022

My Music Monday

New year; new My Music Monday image. That has been the case for the last 11 years.  Yikes.  11.  Maybe I should have used Nigel Tufnel's amp setting as this years pic 

In theory - minus posts that knock out a MMM, you've gotten about 528 songs from me via this route. Whether you listen to them or not is another thing. But you've gotten some exposure. Good or Bad. It just is. 

For the first month, I'm thinking a theme would be artists appearing on other artists songs. Yeah, that seems easy enough, right?  But I then thought, let's say, Paul McCartney appears on an Elvis Costello song, then I have to find a song on which Elvis Costello is the guest, and so on. 

It's not great, but it is something, no?    No???

I don't really have the month planned out ahead, so this could all go terribly terribly wrong. Terribly. 

I'm staring out with a "new" Susanna Hoffs song "Name of the Game". No, it's not an ABBA cover, but it is a cover from Badfinger. 

Hoffs is certainly not new to the cover genre, doing three albums with Matthew Sweet with very varied levels success......or not. 

I'm still up in the air with this, even though it has Aimee Mann as the guest vocalist. that means, next week is Mann as the lead with a new guest. 

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Ur-spo said...

I very much appreciate these music posts, for I learn a lot of music I would not have known otherwise. Many I don't care for, but through you I have found some lovelies. You should get royalties for this.