Saturday, January 15, 2022

Dog's a Best Friend's Dog

Yes,  you have the usual suspects, but I threw some doggie day care guys and gals your way too. 

I love this guy. He was very shy months ago, and now greets me. Though it could be one of his brothers. There are three of this breed at daycare.  He. Is. A. Dorable. 

Queen Snooty. 

Mocha - yes, his name - greets me too. He gets pets. Maybe 'she'? 

Hike in a reservation with my reason for daily walks. 

This is how I get to use "my" ottoman. 
....and this is the best case scenario. 

More daycare doggies. All perfect. 

She doesn't ask for a lot, but she does like muffin crumbs. So I make sure she has some. 

Gandalf the Grey:  YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
....and I didn't. 

Song by: Tears for Fears


James Dwight Williamson said...

I’ll take Shep on a Rock and the terrier and the Chocolate Lab. Very cool the other kids in school like you. I think this reassures me that part of your grumpy is just because humans are assholes. Your are a Doggy Daddy!

Travel said...

she who must be obeyed

Anonymous said...

Sophie looking good.

Bob said...

HRH Soph!!!